Which Home-Remodeling Project Do Owners Most Regret Doing Themselves?

Taking a do-it-yourself approach to home improvements can save owners a significant amount of money and give them a sense of accomplishment, but those who do not have much remodeling experience should likely expect at least one misfire along the way. Read more at

Real Estate Roundup: California Leads the Nation for Big Cash-Out Refinances

Many Californians with high-dollar mortgages are refinancing them for cash. Also: San Francisco ranks as one of America’s best cities for staying in shape. Read all about it in Compass’ latest Real Estate Roundup, available at

California Housing Markets Continued Cooling in December

The Golden State’s largest real estate markets continued their rebalancing act in the final month of 2018, with Silicon Valley posting the nation’s largest annual listings increase and steepest price decline. Get the latest statistics at

Small Home Price Increase Cuts Out a Large Number of Buyers

A seemingly tiny uptick in home prices can push a much larger number of prospective buyers out of the market, while rising mortgage rates have an even bigger impact. Read more at

U.S., Golden State Home Price Growth Is Expected to Slow in 2019 Rising mortgage rates are reducing housing affordability and cooling buyer demand, which should cause price appreciation to moderate in the coming year. Get details at

More Good News About DIY Home Remodeling Two months ago, a survey found the homeowners who are willing to undertake home-renovation jobs themselves could save up to $20,000, and now another poll shows that a do-it-yourself attitude can also lead to more satisfaction with the project. Read more at

What’s in store for U.S. and California housing markets over the next three years? Pacific Union Chief Economist Selma Hepp offers highlights of an annual forecast from John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

Bay Area Home Prices Are Growing at More Than Twice the National Rate Although U.S. and Bay Area home price growth moderated from the second quarter to the third quarter, appreciation in the latter region’s two largest cities continued to outpace the national rate. Get the latest facts and figures at

How Long Will a Home Purchase Impact Californians’ Credit Scores? San Francisco homebuyers have some of the best credit scores in the country, but they also face one of the longest roads to recovery after completing their real estate purchase. Read more at

Bay Area Households Are the Nation’s Best at Sticking to a Budget Although San Jose and San Francisco were once again the nation’s two most expensive housing markets in the third quarter, residents of those cities have their borrowing habits very much under control. More details are available at

Real Estate Roundup: More Evidence That Generation Z Will Become Active Homebuyers Generation Z are so serious about homeownership that they are twice as likely to start saving money earlier than previous generations. Also: Mortgage rates have again reached the highest point since 2011. Check out what’s going down in the housing world in Pacific Union’s latest Real Estate Roundup, available at