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Pacific Union’s July 2018 Real Estate Update Single-family home prices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley were up by nearly 20 percent year over year in July. Dive into the latest Bay Area real estate market data in Pacific Union’s July 2018 monthly market update. You’ll find it exclusively at

California Housing Affordability Drops to 10-Year Low in the Second Quarter The number of Golden State residents who could afford to purchase a home declined in the most recently completed quarter, with more than 80 percent of counties less affordable than they were one year ago. Details are available at

Rising Home Prices, Mortgage Rates Cause California Sales to Slow This Summer Home price growth in California, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles, outpaced the national rate in June, further hampering affordability and keeping a lid on sales activity. Read more at

Real Estate Roundup: Most Buyers Prioritize Pets When Home Shopping Seventy-five percent of Americans will not buy their dream home if it does not suit their pets’ needs, while a prominent industry expert calls the possibility of a housing market crash near zero. Check out the latest stories of interest in Pacific Union’s weekly Real Estate Roundup. It’s online at

Real Estate Roundup: Californians Carry Among the Nation’s Least Student Debt Student debt is much less of a problem in California than it is in other states, while a new report says that six in 10 tech workers cannot afford to buy a home in the Bay Area. Get the skinny on the latest housing news in Pacific Union’s weekly Real Estate Roundup. It’s online at

Homebuyers Are Willing to Make Big Sacrifices for Top Schools Purchasing a home in a good school district has always been a high priority for buyers who have or want children, and recent survey results show just how much a neighborhood’s educational pedigree matters. Read more at

The Bay Area’s 10 Fastest-Appreciating Housing Markets: Q2 2018 Home prices in one high-end Silicon Valley community were up by more than 120 percent from the second quarter of 2017. Check out the 10 Bay Area housing markets with the largest annual home price gains. The full list is at

Bay Area home prices rose by 16 percent year over year in June, while inventory continued to decline. Pacific Union Chief Economist Selma Hepp offers an in-depth analysis of the latest local home sales activity and market conditions.

California Mints a Significant Number of the Country’s Millionaire Home Sellers  Anyone who was financially able to purchase a home in California before the dot-com bubble popped is probably feeling pretty good about that decision today, as the state has since produced more than 1,100 owners who became millionaires simply by selling. For details, go online to